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How To Make Pizza On Your Barbecue


Barbecue Pizza! Why barbecue a pizza? The simple answer is fast cooking.

To make great pizza your pizza should cook fast and fast cooking is one of the secrets to making a perfect pizza pie. The main reason is that barbecues can reach very high temperatures! Some of the best pizzas that I have tasted were cooked in wood-burning ovens. For centuries people around the world have been cooking in wood-burning ovens. These ovens and also, professional pizza ovens can reach high temperatures of 800 to 1200 degrees. At these high temperatures a pizza cooks in only 2- 5 minutes.

Here are three ways that you can make pizza on a barbecue.

First, Heat your barbecue to the highest temperature that it will reach. My barbecue reaches 600 degrees. Stretch your dough out into a small circle that will fit on your barbecue.

Use a wooden peel

  1. Use a wooden peel. (This is a shovel-like tool used to put pizza or bread in the oven) First, spread cornmeal on your peel. The cornmeal acts like tiny ball bearings helping to slide the pizza off the peel onto the barbecue. Put your stretched dough on your peel and place all your toppings on it. When your barbecue is heated to temperature, use a little jerking motion to slide your pizza off of the peel onto the barbecue grill.
  2. This method cooks your pizza directly on the grill. Close your barbecue top and check your pizza in a few minutes. It won’t take long before the crust of your pizza begins to char. You want some charring all-around your crust. Be sure to take your pizza out before the cheese starts to burn.

use is less messy 2. The second method that I use is less messy. I stretch out a large piece of aluminum foil and lightly spray olive oil on it. After stretching my dough out, I place it on the aluminum foil. Put your pizza sauce, toppings, and cheese on it. Now, crimp the ends of the aluminum foil so that you can grab it and pick up the whole pizza on the aluminum foil. Carry the pizza over to your heated barbecue and place it on the grill and close your barbecue. Check your pizza in a few minutes.


The third way is to use a pizza stone on your barbecue

  1. The third way is to use a pizza stone on your barbecue. I have tried fire bricks, clay tiles, and pizza stones. They all work fine. Heat your pizza stone in your barbecue for at least 30 minutes before placing your pizza on it. When your barbecue is up to temperature use the same technique of sliding your pizza off of the wooden peel as described in my first method.
  2. PIZZA

Your pizza crust should slightly puff up after cooking and be a little charred around the edges. Remember, your pizza is only as good as the pizza dough that you make.

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