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How to Cook BBQ Beef Ribs

How to Cook BBQ Beef Ribs – 3 Crucial Stages to Perfection


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Many people have varied opinions about how to cook BBQ beef ribs. Few know how to do it right! Here are a few simple stages to look over that will help give you an idea of how proper BBQ beef ribs cooking is done.

Stage 1) Cooking the ribs in advance

If you want to cook real tender beef ribs do not want to just throw them on the BBQ grill and hope they’ll turn out great, they wont. The precooking is what makes the difference. In stage one you you will either boil or bake the beef ribs. I recommend slow baking them. You can set your oven to 225 degrees or and cook your ribs in tinfoil on a pan for about 5 to 6 hours. Slow cooking is key to tender meat! It is well worth it!


Stage 2) Coating the ribs

There are a million BBQ beef rib sauce recipes out there but only a few out there know how to make really great sauces worth using in my opinion. Most don’t show how to cook the ribs right with the sauce. We want to go for absolute mouth watering! Once the ribs are out of the oven however, you’ll set them on the grill curve side down and coat them with sauce.

Stage 3) The coat, grill stage

When the BBQ grill is closed and reaches a temperature of around 300 degrees you will open it, flip the beef ribs and coat the other side. You will do this about three times. This is a great technique: coat, grill, coat, grill, coat, grill. This caramelizes the sauce and the sauce then holds the meat together so it doesn’t fall of the bone before it gets to the plate!

Just the fact that you have to prepare for that happening (meat falling off the bone) is indication that you know how to cook BBQ beef ribs right!

For a reference on how to cook 9 of the absolute best mouth-watering beef rib recipes on the planet that will have your company begging more.

This guide not only shows you how to cook BBQ beef ribs. It also demonstrates the step-by-step detail of how to BBQ any masterpiece on the grill using any meat. I highly recommend it.

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